Marketing Leader of the Year 2017

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Heroic failure

This is a new award for 2018.
Eligibility: 1 Jan 2014 – 31 Dec 2017

The Marketing Society is committed to a brave agenda that encourages marketers to try new things and get outside their comfort zone. “Fail fast, fail often” is a much-quoted modern business mantra, and in a fast-changing world we all need to test and learn.  We would love to hear your story of how you have learned from a heroic failure. Tell us about the challenge you faced and your analysis of why it went wrong…and most important the resilience you showed in learning from this and moving on. Perhaps you have even turned it into a subsequent success?

The judges will be looking for:
•  The challenge you faced
•  A candid description of how you failed
•  Your analysis of the reasons for failure
•  What you learned
•  How you have applied this to subsequent marketing activity
•  Success so far from this learning

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